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Red White & Blue Wristlet Keychain

Red White & Blue Wristlet Keychain

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These keychains are perfect for keeping your keys easily accessible. With a strap that goes around your wrist, it’s easy to carry other things without misplacing your keys. It’s also a great way to customize your keys for easy identification.

Keychain wristlet measures approximately 6 inches (size may vary slightly). Each keychain is stitched with 4 layers of 100% cotton for extra durability.

You can choose between the following options:
1. Blue with Stars
2. Red with Blue and White Plaid
3. Red White and Blue Chunky Plaid
4. Red White and Blue This Plaid
5. All Blue Plaid
6. Blue with Red and White Plaid
*Please be sure to check the picture associated with each option to make sure you are choosing the correct one.

Designs may vary slightly due to different cuts of fabric.

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